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=nil; is a sharded blockchain that resolves Ethereum scalability issues via zkSharding.

=nil; aims to achieve global scale without state, liquidity or user fragmentation.

Documentation, tutorials and recipes for application developers, proof producers, and validators.

zkLLVM is a compiler from high-level programming languages into an input for provable computations protocols verifiable on EVM (and not only).

Documentation, references, and manuals for zkApplications/circuit developers.

Proof Market is a decentralized protocol for zkProof generation and monetization built on top of =nil; zkSharding.

Documentation, references, and manuals for proof generators and EVM application developers.

Crypto3 is a modern cryptography suite in C++17 built by cryptographers for cryptographers dedicated to making it easy to prototype and implement novel schemes and primitives out of ready-to-use modules such as ciphers (block, algebraic, fully-homomorphic), hashes, signatures, proof systems, VDFs, witness encryption and many other.

Documentation, references, and manuals for applied cryptographers and C++ developers.