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=nil; is an Ethereum layer-2 blockchain powered by zkSharding. The design of =nil; embodies three core qualities:

  • Horizontal scalability. =nil; unlocks the power of many machines by partitioning state across shards with cross-shard communications being a built-in feature of the protocol.
  • Modularity. =nil; acts as an execution layer while using Ethereum for data availability and consensus.
  • Verifiable security. The entire =nil; network can be verified with a single zero-knowledge proof attesting to the correctness of all shards.

The design of =nil; transcends the typical monolithic vs. modular discourse as it emphasizes horizontal scalability above all else. =nil; scales out beyond the constraints of a single machine's processing power, by leveraging zkSharding, a new type of sharding architecture. In zkSharding, execution shards produce zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) verifying intra-shard state transitions while the state of the cluster is managed by a designated consensus shard. The consensus shard is responsible for synchronizing execution shards and producing a 'master' ZKP that is sent to Ethereum for global state verification.

=nil; offers an effective strategy for scaling Ethereum while avoiding the limitations typically associated with the modular approach such as state and liquidity fragmentation.

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