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Portal Overview


Under guides, users can find step-by-step walk-throughs of setting up the environment, scaffolding projects or integrating the Crypto3 library in the projects.


::: info

Crypto3 is written in C++. Bindings for other languages will be supported in the future.


Module descriptions/manuals are compartmentalised by programming language


Under the language, the user can find the modules which the library implements. Under each, the user can expect to find the following pages.

  • Manual: Describes the major components/APIs in the library and examples of usage.
  • Concepts: Describes in abstract terms the traits and policies in which types are used.
  • References: Doxygen generated documentation.

Optional guides:

  • Implementation: Describes the architecture of the underlying implementation.
  • Extension: Describes how to extend the library.

This guide is not designed to use in isolation and should be used in conjunction with the Doxygen-generated documentation. The aim of this guide is to introduce the user to major concepts and examples of the usage of the library.


This section will present some working examples of code combining different modules of the crypto3 suite.


This section covers other miscellaneous guidelines/information regarding contributing to the suite, code of conduct, feedback and contact details for collaboration.