=nil; Proof Market

Market for non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs
Generating non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs (zkProofs) is a compute-heavy task that can take hours. To generate proofs reliably and cost-effectively, one needs to develop and maintain a computational infrastructure, scale it, and specialize as a proof producer.
=nil; understands that generating proofs is a task that should be outsourced to such a specialized provider. This is exactly why we are building Proof Market — a marketplace where everyone can request a zkProof, and a network of specialized producers will respond to such requests.
We see Proof Market as the place where proof requesters and proof producers meet and create a free, open, and self-sustaining market.
Currently, Proof Market accepts circuits generated using our zkLLVM compiler and based on the Placeholder proof system. However, the ultimate goal is to enable validation of any proofs from any system.
Proof Market is currently in its beta version. We expect there will be continuous changes in it following the feedback we receive from the customers.