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Circuits and statements

Anyone can generate circuits.

Circuits are serialized & published on Proof Market, allowing their reuse by all market participants.

The most efficient way to create a circuit definition for Proof Market iszkLLVM circuit compiler.

You can find the required dependencies and build instructions in the zkLLVM's repository.

Create a circuit

Write a circuit and compile it with zkLLVM:

make -C ${ZKLLVM_BUILD:-build} <circuit target name> -j$(nproc)

For more information on circuit development, read the zkLLVM documentation.

Prepare a statement with a circuit description for Proof Market

Circuits are stored on Proof Market in the form of statements.

Example statements can be found in the example directory.

python3 scripts/ \
--circuit <zkllvm output> \
--type <circuit type> \
--output <statement description file> \
--name <statement name> \
--private | --public

Publish a statement on Proof Market


Sign up or sign in to Proof Market and keep the authentication files to use the following command line tools.

You can find an authentication file example in the example directory.

The statement can be published on Proof Market via the Python script

$ python3 scripts/ push
--file <json file with statement description>

Statement from /opt/zkllvm-template/build/template.json was pushed.

Retrieving statements

A list of all available statements can be obtained by this command:

python3 scripts/ get

To retrieve a selected statement/circuit definition and its metadata uploaded upon the statement's publishing:

python3 scripts/ get \
--key <key of the statement> \
--output <output file>