Toolchain installation

Make sure you've performed the environment setup before continuing with the installation.
Proof Market toolchain is a collection of Python scripts for interacting with Proof Market. These scripts are required for all participants.
Clone the repository:
git clone --recurse-submodules [email protected]:NilFoundation/proof-market-toolchain.git
Based on the user's role, they must install additional binaries/scripts to interact with the market.
To interact with Proof Market, you must also have Python setup and its dependencies.
We recommend setting up a virtual environment to interact with Proof Market.
pip3 install --user virtualenv
python3 -m virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Circuit developer

  • Follow the installation guide for zkLLVM. zkLLVM is used to compile circuits and generate binaries to be hosted on Proof Market.
  • Set up authentication and follow the user guide for circuit developers.

Proof requester

Proof producer

  • As a proof producer, you need to compile the proof-generator binary.


cd proof-market-toolchain && mkdir build && cd build
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" \
-DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang-12 \
-DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang++-12 \
cmake --build . -t proof-generator