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Proof producer


Sign up or sign in to Proof Market and keep the authentication files to use the following command line tools.

Submit a proposal

Proof producers can submit proposals for statements and specify an accompanying cost like this:

python3 scripts/ push \
--cost <cost of the proposal> \
--key <key of the statement>

Check order status and fetch inputs

Producers can check their proposal using proposal_tools:

python3 scripts/ get --key <key of the proposal>

If the proposal's status is processing, it means that the proposal was matched with the request. Now it's time for the proof producer to generate the proof.

First of all, the proof producer needs statement definition:

python3 scripts/ get \
--key <key of the statement>\
--output <output file>

Next, public input of the request:

python3 scripts/ \
--key <request key> \
--output <output file path>

Generate a proof

To generate proof execute the following:

cd build
./bin/proof-generator/proof-generator \
--proof_out <output file> \
--circuit_input <statement from Proof Market>
--public_input <public input from Proof Market>

Submit a proof

The proof producer can now submit the proof to the marketplace, where they will get the reward if the proof is verified by Proof Market.

You can learn more about rewards and commissions, as well as about penalties, on the Economics page.

Submitting a proof via

python3 scripts/ push \
--request_key <key of the request> | --proposal_key <key of the proposal> \
--file <file with the proof>

Note that you can provide only one of the two possible keys.