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Sign up

Access to Proof Market requires authentication.

Make sure you have a valid username and password.

If you have not registered, please look at the instructions on how to do so via the web interface.

Or use the following commands from the proof-market-toolchain repository.


Signup for an ordinary user through CLI looks like this:

python3 scripts/ user \
--user <username> \
--password <password> \
--email <e-mail>

If the signup is successful, this command creates .user and .secret files with your credentials in the scripts directory.

All users can submit and retrieve orders on Proof Market, but only proof producers can generate and submit proofs.

Proof producer

First, you should sign up or sign in as a regular user, and then you can register yourself as a proof producer:

python3 scripts/ producer \
--eth_address <producer's Ethereum address> \
[--description <producer's description>] \
[--url <link to a website>] \
[--logo <logo>]

Note that only the Ethereum address is a required parameter, the others are optional.