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Tools to help you build circuits

Circuit validity checker

Circuit can be checked for validity by running assigner with the --check flag. This will run the circuit through the evaluation process and throw an exception in case if it the constraints are not satisfied.

assigner -b main.bc -i main.inp -t assignment.tbl -c circuit.crct -e pallas --check

Transpiler local proof generator

You can run local proving process by using transpiler tool in gen-test-proof mode.

transpiler -m gen-test-proof -i main.inp -c circuit.crct -t assignment.tbl -o .

Here .crct and .tbl files are the results of the circuit generation process by assigner tool. .inp file is the JSON input in the same format as assigner expects.

Circuit debugger

ETA: Mid Dec 2023

IDE extensions

ETA: Mid Dec 2023